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Nortel BCM50 Package 3


Nortel BCM 50 PABX
4 X PSTN Lines
12 X Digital Extensions
4 X Analogue Extensions
12 X Nortel T7316E Handsets
12 X Voicemail Licence
1 X VOIP Licence
$5700.00 ex g.s.t.

Nortel_BCM50_PABX_Main_Equipment Nortel_T7316E_Charcoal_Handset_Commander_T7316E_Charcoal_Handset

Nortel BCM50 Main Equipment

Nortel T7316E Handset

Nortel BCM50 User Guides Nortel_BCM50_T7100_T7208_T7316E_User_Guide

Nortel BCM50 Voicemail User Guide Nortel_BCM50_Voicemail_Callpilot_User_Guide

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