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Platinum MP 3000 Music On Hold MP3 Player





Platinum MP3000 Info Manual:

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The PLATINUM MP-3000 is the latest technology digital message player available incorporating features required by users within the ON HOLD industry. After extensive industry consultation throughout all phases of development, the PLATINUM MP-3000 is now the most functional and comprehensive unit in the marketplace. The PLATINUM MP-3000 has a powerful built in amplifier that accommodates a wide variety of telephone systems. It has flexibility employing 3 different media sources to increase functionality and compatibility with existing media sources. The PLATINUM MP-3000 also has a comprehensive music/media system equipped with Centre, Left and Right audio output. The PLATINUM MP-3000 will automatically start when a media source is present. It will also re start automatically after any power interruptions.

The design of the PLATINUM MP-3000 has employed earth friendly technology to minimise power consumption. There are no moving parts that can wear or create heat during operation. The unit is lead free with ROHS certification. The design is also user friendly with the digital volume control placed on top of the unit for convenient access and adjustment. Downloading new messages has never been easier, merely email and download the sound file to the USB stick supplied with the unit and plug it into the power outlet. The previous message can be automatically replaced with the new file.

The case has been designed from aluminium and anodised black to maintain durability. The outer shell compliments existing design trends and is an aesthetically pleasing shape especially if it is on view in an office environment.