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Are you tired of the constant calls from telecommunications sales people?

Confused about what is the best solution for your carrier rates or hardware upgrades?

Are sales people telling you their proposal is the cheapest or that it s the best solution for your business?

Are you sure that you use all the services that you are paying for?

Why is it so hard to work out what is the best solution?

Because it is complicated and you probably have not been given all the facts and comparisons that you need to be able to make the right decision.

You are usually given jargon instead of clear explanations.  Phone bills are virtually impossible to understand.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to secure the best rates, services and equipment?

If you could, you would have the time to focus on other parts of your business, while your staff and business benefit for the solutions you have put in place.

You will understand the phone bill when it arrives and you can be sure that the charges are accurate and the you are getting the best rates.

Best of all - you can tell those telecommunications sales people that call you - NO!! You have it all under control!!


Why can we solve your telecommunications problems for you?

Because we are independent of any hardware vendors, we work with you to help you find the right solution.  NO PUSHY SALES PITCH, JUST SOUND & LOGICAL ADVICE WHICH IS NOT INFLUENCED BY SALES TARGETS & COMMISSIONS.

Because we have so many years' industry experience & we constantly analyse, monitor & manage our clients' carrier bills, we CUT THROUGH THE CONFUSION & make the offers clear.

Want to be in control of your telecommunications or be assured that you are getting the best rates?

TeleOutsource & Project Services Pty Ltd supports charity organisations with low rates for professional services.  Our contribution is to manage this part of their busiess so they can continue with their good work for the community.

We provide friendly & "down to earth" service – to help our clients gain the best value from their telecommunications.  We work hard to be your "best friend" in telecommunications.

Complete the CONTACT FORM (click here) and we will be pleased to discuss with your how we can help.  REMEMBER - THERE IS NO PUSHY SALES PITCH!!

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Why the name?

TeleOutsource & Project Services Pty Ltd brings together a wide range of products and services to make it easier for our clients to meet their total telecommunications needs. Our existing clients have found that the one supplier (us) is able to understand their needs both now and in the future because we have the "total" picture of all their telecommunications.  Because of this understanding, we can be sure that all aspects "fit in" seamlessly and effectively and are cost effective across the entire business.  Our clients don't have to dedicate resources to managing this important and integral part of their business but they are still in control.

Our aim is to develop this site as your FIRST STOP for all your telecommunications needs.  The site does not represent everything we do, so PLEASE ASK as we probably do do it, supply it or can provide you with a trusted referral.

Why are there different company names on this website?

These are some of our business partners and trusted contractors that do the bits that they do best but we always manage the total service delivery to our clients. You will see other partners appear as we develop and update the site.

Why the daggy dog?

Woofa really does exist and he is a part of our Team here at TeleOutsource & Project Services Pty Ltd.  He is friendly and loyal and so we decided that he truly represents our approach in business - friendly & loyal.  So we made him our mascot.

Our position is always the "loyal and trusted partner" of our clients, working in the best interests of making their business successful.

TeleOutsource & Project Services Pty Ltd ..... best friend in telecommunications