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PABX Security

If you are thinking telephone fraud doesn't happen in Australia or that the risk to your company is too small for worry about then consider this:

70% of companies don't report security breaches through fear of negative publiciity.

Here are 4 Australian companies hacked between October and November 2004:

$30,000 loss   CONTACT US on1300 GO TOPS (46 8677)

This public company is ISO 9001 quality accredited but unfortunately ISO 9000 does not consider the security of the telephone system.  This company lost $30,000.

$192,000 loss   CONTACT US on1300 GO TOPS (46 8677)

This small firm's average phone bill was only $700 per month.  Too small to be a target for hackers?  Not so.  Over a 3 week period, $192,000 in fraudulent toll calls were placed.  Such a large loss for such a small firm may even place their future in jeopardy.

$70,000 loss   CONTACT US on1300 GO TOPS (46 8677)

This company of 150 staff determined that a hacker had been placing illegal calls over the past 12 months, a few thousand a month.  Total fraud $70,000.

$40,000 loss   CONTACT US on1300 GO TOPS (46 8677)

International calls to Asia rapidly built to $40,000 stolen from this Melbourne company.

The loss may not be monetary.  What if a hacker got into your voice mail system and collected sensitive messages?  Or perhaps accessed your stored numbers lists for all your clients and/or suppliers? Or perhaps changed the announcements your clients hear on your Call Centre queues - IT HAS HAPPENED!

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