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Would you like to know the price for using Telstra's mobile Internet information services (eg. BigPond Mobile Services and i-mode®) or sending photos from your mobile via MMS?

Telstra's My Data Usage provides Telstra mobile packet data customers (3GSM, GPRS, Telstra Mobile Broadband CDMA1X/ 1xEV-DO and i-mode®) with a way to preview an estimate of their current mobile data usage and charges. You no longer need to wait for your bill to have an idea of the cost of accessing information on BigPond Mobile Services or i-mode® such as the latest news, stock prices, weather reports or sending photos from your mobile via MMS. A guide to your data usage is now available with My Data Usage.

Not only can you access this information from the site on a PC, it is also available on your mobile phone over BigPond Mobile Services or i-mode® and even by SMS at a small cost, giving you a preview of your estimated usage and expenses from the internet and your mobile handset anywhere within coverage areas.

Disclaimer: i-mode® and the i-mode® logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of NTT DoCoMo Inc. in Japan and other countries.

Notify me about my usage.
Customers on selected mobile plans can choose to be notified via SMS when My Data Usage estimates that they reach 80% and then 100% of their data usage for the month. (Please note that Notices are charged at 25c per message). This feature can be enabled or disabled at anytime from on the internet, BigPond Mobile Services, i-mode® and also via SMS. If you would like this feature but cannot access it with your current mobile plan, call 125 111 (call charges apply) to arrange an upgrade to a data plan. Please note that My Data Usage Notices should be used as a guide only and will not prevent you from exceeding your usage limit.

Accessing My Data Usage
Telstra's My Data Usage can be accessed via the website on your PC or from your mobile via BigPond Mobile Services, SMS and also on i-mode from i-mode® handsets.

PC access via the Internet
Log on to the My Data Usage now by selecting the link below. Please note that to access My Data Usage you need a valid or BigPond account.


Mobile access via BigPond Mobile Services
To access usage over BigPond Mobile Services, log on to BigPond Mobile Services on your mobile and under "Help & Support" for BigPond Mobile Services on Telstra Video Mobile (3G) or "Search & Info - Help & Support" on other WAP capable phones you will find "My Data Usage". Simply select this link; no login is required, as your phone is identified over the air. (Please note that standard WAP carriage charges apply)

Mobile access via i-mode®
To access data usage on an i-mode® handset simply select "My Data Usage" from the "i-mode info and help" section of the i-mode® portal on your i-mode enabled mobile handset. No login is required, as your phone is identified over the air. (Please note that standard i-mode® carriage charges apply)

Mobile access using SMS
Usage can be requested by sending an SMS text message with the appropriate keyword to 176 (standard SMS charges apply). Your phone will be identified and the requested information will be sent to your phone. If you have a data bundle plan and have requested Notices, you will be charged 25 cents for each Notice in addition to the cost of the request. The list of valid keywords and their output are listed below.

SMS Usage keywords

Keyword Information Provided
use Will show you an estimate of data carriage sessions (data used), including: BigPond Mobile Services, i-mode®, MMS, and internet accessed from your phone at the time of your request.
use.mms Will display only the date and cost per event of 3GSM and GPRS picture messages. The cost per event for i-mode® picture messaging will not be shown here. Will display the disclaimer and information about the service Will display all the valid codes and the information returned by each of these
use.imode Will display a cost summary of the i-mode® subscriptions you have made this billing cycle, together with the remaining balance of your allowable amount.

Data Bundle Plans
notice Will display the status of the Notice functionality (Notices are only available to selected data bundle plans)
notice.on Will set the Notice functionality to ON (to available services) Will set the Notice functionality to OFF (to available services)