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TeleOutsource & Project Services Pty Ltd provide a complete range of telecommunication products and professional services that will help you manage your business phone systems.
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Telephone Equipment


Chordless Phones


The “first stop” for your new telephone equipment. We are vendor independent – we work for YOU,our client, not a vendor.

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  • Are you sure of your current system's capacity, condition and capabilities?
  • Do you want to explore the benefits of VoIP (voice over IP) but think you may need to update your telephone system?
  • Do various PABX vendors tell you it's time to upgrade your system? Is it upgradable or do you have to get a new one?
  • Is your current system keeping pace with your business, giving you the facilities you need and providing easy to understand reports?
  • Are your staff requesting better handsets or cordless technology?
  • Pricing may look attractive as it has been configured to be at capacity,  with the next small addition being virtually cost prohibitive.
  • Is 2nd hand equipment worth the savings?

For most people it is difficult to compare "apples to apples" with telephony equipment as each system is different and the price can vary widely between vendors for virtually the same options.

Often, companies are sold equipment on the basis of the vendor's sales targets, not on functionality, networking capability, value for money and suitability to meet their business operations.

Wouldn't it be much easier and save heaps of time if you could easily assess the equipment, the pricing and it's suitability with someone who is ON YOUR SIDE?

If you chose 2nd hand equipment, wouldn't it be re-assuring to know that it is high quality and comes with a guarantee?

Because we are not representing any vendor, we are unbiased and tell you the truth!  By talking with you, our customer, we will find out what  YOU want and then identify the systems or equipment that will best suit your needs.  2 or 3 options are provided and we work with you to decide which you will be happy with.

We believe in


Here is a list of some of the equipment and software that we can help you with.  Simply (click here) to have us contact you and discuss what we can do.

NO SALES PITCH – just sound advice on how to best meet your business needs.

         Telephone equipment – New

          Key systems
          Music/messages on hold
          Telephone handsets (click here)
          Telephone headsets (click here)
          Telephone call management software

                Telephone Equipment - 2nd Hand

             Commander systems
             Panasonic, Fujitsu, NEC, Ericsson & others
             Handsets – digital & analogue
             System cards
             Line cards, extension cards etc.
             Other specialised equipment.

We fully project manage the supply
& installation of all telephone systems.


These are the answer for people who spend a lot of time on the phone.
• Reception
• Call centre
• Data entry
• Counselling
• Help desk
Call recording software / Hardware (click here)


Call recording software can help with quality and teaching / training of new staff.  Also help with contracts signed over a conference call or for your sales team.  We can- Demonstrate, install, provide training for our call recording software.


A headset makes it easier to take notes, look up data, enter data, check reference material or even drink your coffee!
Headsets are an ergonomic, inexpensive solution to minimising potential neck and shoulder pain or stiffness.
Headsets offer better clarity of conversations in many noisy environments.

TeleOutsource & Project Services Pty Ltd offer a wide range – including cordless models for ultimate mobility.


                         Music / Messages on hold

• Don’t let your callers wonder if their call has been disconnected.
• While on hold, give your callers information about your business & your 
  products and services.
• An inexpensive promotional tool.
• Entertain and relax customers who are waiting on hold.
• Whether you want to play a CD, script or develop professional messages
  or record your own special messages, TeleOutsource & Project Services Pty Ltd can help you find
  the best solution.
• We can supply quality products & services at a reasonable price with no
  ongoing fees or contracts

                                Other Products

We can also offer a range of other products which include:


• Call Management Software Packages (PABX call billing)

• Mobile Phones

• Cordless Handsets, including KIRK and DECT

• Conference Phones