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Voice Over IP

TeleOutsource & Project Services is experienced in assisting clients in determining whether Voice Over IP (VoIP) will be cost justified. We don't just sell the hardware and leave you to work it out! CONTACT US on1300 GO TOPS (46 8677)


Data network bandwidth - is there sufficient available to carry your voice traffic, especially at peak times.

What are the voice calls costing you currently. An indepth analysis is conducted of your current telephone call traffic and includes costs, volumes and profile, to determine if VoIP is justified and whether your existing data network has the capacity to carry the volume. In some instances we have found that negotiating a better contract with the carriers is more cost effective!

Cost of hardware can be prohibitive. We have sourced VoIP equipment that can connect to ANY telephone system and thus you don't need to purchase expensive PABX upgrades and additional hardware and software. This hardware will constantly monitor your data network according to your selected QOS standards and if necessary switch a voice call via the traditional voice services. Additionally, all call traffic can be reported on and thus managed to ensure that you are achieving the necessary savings.

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